Children’s Workshops & Holiday Art


School Holiday Workshops

 Our workshops are very popular and fill up fast!

$35 per student per class*


Please contact Courtney -   or   phone or TXT 0404 736 083

January School Holiday Workshops 

Ages 6 – 16 years

Week 1 – 8th-10th Jan 2019


Mini Fimo and Shrinkies - Tue 8th Jan

10am-12noon (6-10yrs)

2pm-4pm (11-16yrs)

Create a miniature version of anything you can imagine in 3D polymer clay (fimo) or 2D shrinkies (remember those!?)

Super Slime - Wed 9th Jan

10am-12noon (6-16yrs)

2pm-4pm (6-16yrs)

Kids obsessed with slime? It’s great for their sensory development, and heaps of fun! Making slime with us keeps the mess and fuss out of your house!

Epic Plaster Casts  - Thu 10th Jan

Junior -10am-12noon (6-10yrs)

Senior – 2pm-4pm (11-16yrs)

Explore your sculpting skills with this awesome molding and casting workshop. Make your mold, cast it in plaster, then paint and finish it and take it home!


Week 2 – 15th-17th Jan – DRAWING WEEK

Quirky Characters - Tue 15th Jan

Junior (6-10yrs) -10am-12noon

Senior (11-16yrs) – 2pm-4pm

Develop your technique in drawing and character development. Enhance your skills in both figure and portrait drawing by inventing your own quirky characters.

Construction & Architectural Drawing – Wed 16th Jan

Junior (6-10yrs) -10am-12noon

Senior (11-16yrs) – 2pm-4pm

Create large format drawings in graphite and charcoal, with a focus on architectural and constructed forms.

Flipbook Animation – Thu 17th Jan

Junior (6-10yrs) -10am-12noon

Senior (11-16yrs) – 2pm-4pm

Master the art of stop motion animation in one of its most simple forms – by making an amazing flip book!


 Week 3 – 22nd – 24th Jan – PAINTING & STORY TELLING


Big Botanicals (Acrylic)-Tue 22nd Jan

Junior (6-10yrs) -10am-12noon

Senior (11-16yrs) – 2pm-4pm

Work large-scale with acrylics and paint with a botanical theme. Develop skills in colour theory, image construction and painting natural forms.

Story Boarding/ Comic Design - Wed 23rd Jan

Junior (6-10yrs) -10am-12noon

Senior (11-16yrs) – 2pm-4pm

Develop an original story board, and use it to build your own mini comic.

Watercolour Landscapes - Thu 24th Jan

Junior (6-10yrs) -10am-12noon

Senior (11-16yrs) – 2pm-4pm

Work with gorgeous watercolour to create beautiful landscape paintings to take home.

Please contact Courtney –   or   phone or TXT 0404 736 083