Art with the Children of Lahu in Chianf Rai

Recently our intrepid Jillian Brash went on an adventurous trip throughout Thailand. Along the way she undertook some charitable works in a Hill Village in Thailand helping them rebuild some of their key structures. In addition to the established volunteering on her programmer she also wanted to bring a little Artistic fun and joy along for the children.

Below are a few works from Jill about painting with the children of the Lahu tribe in Chiang Rai:

From the generous donations I received at our Art Exhibition and before leaving for Northern Thailand I purchased colouring and painting materials, watercolour paints, paper, palettes and donated brushes.
I held a 2 1/2hr class underneath our accommodation with a total of 20 children by the end of the class.
Our guide Paew was my interpreter and at the end of the class we had an ‘official’ handover.
Also using the chalk sticks I drew out 3 hopscotches down the concrete driveway, teaching Paew first how to play then she instructed the children.
They all enjoyed this game and for the following days the kids were always playing.
Thank you to everyone who donated and made this possible.
The children had a wonderful time.
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