Adult’s Art Classes

Do any of these art forms and creative endevours involve, interest or intrigue you?

Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Acrylics, Oils, Watercolours, Pen and Ink, Collage, Printmaking, Ceramics, Textiles, Art Workshops, Life Drawing, Art History, Artisan Crafts…and the creative list goes on…

Then no matter what your interest, age or experience, from raw beginner to professional artist, it is time for you to contact us because you are warmly welcomed and invited to join us for an engaging and pleasurable creative art experience.

See our adult’s art class schedules for Lambton and Canberra

We shape our adult’s classes to accommodate, develop and enhance your creative skills, experience and interests.

We encourage individual projects and your pursuit of your own style and creative aspirations.

From traditional to contemporary art, we teach solid skills across a wide range of mediums and subject matter.

Our Curriculum

All our programs are designed and prepared by professional, highly qualified teachers with experience in art, education and professional artist’s practice.

Throughout the year we also offer unique workshops, allowing in-depth exploration of particular medium or subject matter.

Our workshop presenters are experts in their field, so you will be learning from passionate, creative and highly experienced practitioners who are also generous with their help and information and inspirational with their own work and their presentations.

Our Atelier Classes

These are run by wonderfully supportive, creative, talented and delightful teachers, where everyone (from raw beginners to accomplished artists) learn their art-making together (as was done in Leonardo’s time), developing their creativity across a wide range of medium, skills, techniques and art knowledge, while also meeting your individual needs, abilities and interests.


Our Maven Classes

Where you can focus on your preferred medium and focused goals, from traditional to contemporary, working with a Master Artist in that medium. Here you will learn to support your artworks with good drawing, understanding of your medium and by polishing your skills, techniques as well as developing your ‘style’ and subject-matter. Best suited to artists from: ‘some experience’ to ‘accomplished’.

For more information, see locations & class times and art workshops.