Children’s and Teens Art Classes


Expressions of Interest

We may be new to Canberra but not to Art teaching. Being highly professional, skilled and experienced, we are currently exploring the possibility of art classes and workshops for children (7- 12) and Teens (13 – 16) at our Fyshwick studio.
(From 17 years young adult artists are welcome to join our adult classes)

So if you are interested in your young artist joining a class, could you please register your interest here? Then we can then let you know when a class will be formed.

Please contact us via email by clicking here, or call on 0408 617 411

 …So what will we teach?

Because our classes are not ‘babysitting with art’ your artist will explore a wide range of skills, knowledge, creativity and art-making across Fine and Visual arts and Artcrafts. This is because we are passionate about the Arts and Creativity and are dedicated to developing creative brains toward a creative future. So we teach ‘Art’ well and across every aspect of creativity, as we cannot predict whether your child will become a professional Artist, a Master Craftsperson, a Designer, a Scientist, an Architect ….or if we will be developing their life-long skills toward creativity in their work, or a fulfilling hobby for a work-life balance.

 ….so how many other subjects can provide all of these things at once?

 Creativity imagination experimentation Fine Arts self-expression working with an artist Art History talent self-confidence The Arts exploration developing potential Visual Arts social skills communication cooperation cultural understandings exploring potential developing talent safety improved fine and gross motor skills intellectual rigour the Art World collaboration undertaking non-linear projects art critique complex thinking aesthetic appreciation sustained attention traditional and contemporary art skills confidence Design art materials & techniques self-expression hand-eye coordination listening skills techniques wonder improved arts vocabulary problem-solving Arts concepts design world cultures focus cross-curricular connections sustained effort innovation visual acuity visual literacy colour awareness skills for life memory how to clean up self-direction independence collaboration discovery developing creative ideas persistence responsibility for work tools and materials self-entertainment concentration Art-crafts embracing new ideas & experiences emotional expression involvement sharing learning to ‘let go’ resilience group participation useful ‘mistakes’ independent projects excitement following instructions concentration pleasure achievement courage pride possibility joy surprise self-development life-enhancement creative exploration potential …..and fun!

So if you think these skills and abilities, and this knowledge and potential are important for your child, let us know you would like them to join a class