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The Arts Emporium provides Art Classes and Workshops for Artists of ALL skills, interests and experience.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or an established practitioner, you can embellish your Artist’s practice or begin your recreational hobby in a creative, social and supportive environment.

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About Us

The Arts Emporium, Canberra


You have obviously begun to contemplate a journey of creative self-discovery –
So ‘Yes!’ we are the perfect place to start……

The Arts Emporium – first established in Newcastle, now relishing Canberra – has offered polished, professional Art education and recreational Art programs, for adults and children for more than 20 years.

Our Adult Art Classes cater for all levels of skill, interest and experience, from raw beginner to accomplished Artist, providing teaching and learning across a wide range of medium and genre, from traditional to contemporary, and from Art history to Artist’s practice.

Do You Value Creativity and Your Child LOVES Being Creative?

We are also introducing a new Children’s & Teen’s Program with in-term Art Series and Holiday workshops

Our Programs and Teaching Philosophy


The Arts Emporium begins with a foundational ‘no experience necessary’ program, because we believe that everyone is capable of being creative. So we both delight and specialise in people who want to explore their creative side and increase their personal potential through this life-enhancing activity.

All our programs – from Workshops, to Classes, to unique, bespoke Art Events – are highly researched, professionally developed and have been well-tested over many years. And because we regard creativity and art-making as both a practical process and a personal journey, we also believe that anyone, given good teaching, time, interest and personal application, can learn to be creative and create Art, because the primary focus is on the pleasure and life-enhancing benefits of being creative.

So, from raw beginners, to emerging and professional artists, we are here to guide your creative journey and we’ll do this by matching our program and teaching to meet your abilities and aspirations. We will teach you traditional skills and artist’s practice, as your building blocks and tools for creativity and then we will encourage your exploration, imagination and individual self-expression so that you can experience pleasure, pride and promise in your creations.


So if self-discovery, skill development, life-enhancement and a work-life balance, are some of your personal and creative goals

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