Adult’s Art Classes


No matter what your interest, age, or experience – from raw beginner to professional artist – it’s time for you to contact us, because you are invited to join an engaging, pleasurable and social creative Art Experience. 

Current Classes
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General Drawing and Painting

Monday 10 – 12 Evatt
Tuesday 10 – 12 Evatt
Thursday 9.30 – 12

All programs have been designed to meet the diverse individual needs of our Artists, from absolute beginner to accomplished, because they have been prepared by a professional, highly qualified teacher with experience in art, education and professional Artist’s practice.

As a beginner, you will start with foundational skills in drawing and can then evolve into wonderfully diverse, supported and creative explorations across a broad range of medium.

For the more experienced, tertiary or accomplished artists, looking for support or inspiration for your art-making or specific project, these classes can be tailored to your preferred medium and focused goals, from traditional to contemporary, to polish your skills, explore your subject-matter, develop your personal ‘style’, or embellish your project.

Teaching by the (Renaissance) Atelier method, these classes are not ‘one size fits all’. You will be taught as an individual within the group, from ‘building-blocks’ to accomplishment, across a wide range of medium, skills and techniques. You will also be supported by a passionate, creative and highly experienced practitioner who is generous with help, information, inspiration and warm support.

Then, as a member of a diverse group, you will also absorb the range of knowledge, skills and interests of everyone around you….So it’s a fascinating, individual and social way to learn!

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